TikTok is a popular app with a high user base. TikToker is packed with creative and entertaining content and TikToker found making numerous videos on a daily basis. Because the app is full of videos. YouTube, on the other hand, is a content-based platform that spends a lot of time creating attractive and unique videos on YouTube.

However, a war has erupted between YouTubers and TikTokers when Aamir Siddiqui made a video looking for YouTubers saying that they only create content once in the blue moon. However, TikTok makes several videos in one day. He believed that TikTokers are more capable than YouTubers because they make a lot of videos in one day. However, YouTube takes longer to create a single video. He further stressed that YouTubers get feedback by publishing the views and opinions of the spectators.

In response, all YouTubers started inciting Aamir Siddiqui, informing him that TikToker was infringing copyright and that his shop would be closed if the music companies raised copyright issues. Because TikToker uses popular songs in his videos without the consent of the music company. TikTokers vs YouTubers have taken to social media and a lot of memes have been created in this regard.

The YouTubers Vs TikTokers controversy is going viral:

The ongoing feud between TikTokers and YouTubers has become one of the loudest as content creator Ajay Nagar AKA CarryMinati has shared his roast video featuring TikTok users and it has gone viral. Has happened Another statement from an Indian YouTuber is that TikTokers are buying blue tickets from Instagram or even creating fake Wikipedias for blue tickets from a digital agency. In the video of the controversy, the girl also said that TikTok and YouTube are different platforms. Forms However, on a daily basis more than two billion people log in and go to YouTube and TikTok, people watch a lot of videos every day.

The CarryMinati’s TikTok Roast video received 24 million views first. And now it’s even more so. In this video, he has played various TikTok videos explaining why tick users dislike them. The video is about YouTubers vs TikTokers.

Check out the hype generated on social media before her video goes live.Following are the memes appearing on social media after the CarryMinati’s video:


Aamir Siddiqui, TikToker is now highly targeted by YouTubers and he is active on social media and it has become the most trending topic.

And now the Pakistani community has also become active on this trending topic. Ducky Bhai and Raza Samo have started roasting. Let’s see who else will fight in this war.