The world famous Turkish drama based on Islamic conquests, Ertugrul Ghazi, has become a monster in Pakistan.Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan encouraged Pakistanis to watch the series and since then Ertugral Ghazi has been airing on Pakistan Television (PTV) since the first of Ramadan and has so far aired 19 episodes of the season. The popularity of the drama can be gauged from the fact that in just 195 days after the first episode was uploaded, 2 million people have subscribed to PTV’s YouTube channel, while the first episode has been watched by more than 12.7 million people.Pakistan Television also wants to break the world record on YouTube and Twitter. We have 15 days left to make the date.

Riaz Manti, Director of Arkesh Radio Television (TRT) Digital Radio and TV, who is also the head of the TRT team that assisted PTV in broadcasting the drama in Pakistan, listened to the audience after the drama aired. Told the British media about the reaction. Pakistan said the drama has received such a good response that they cannot explain it, adding that PTV has done a great job in terms of dubbing and broadcasting.

Regarding the international acclaim of the play, he said that Airtglol Ghazi has been viewed 500 billion times globally.